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Privacy Policy

Below you will find a copy of the current Privacy Policy applicable to a visit to Slotplaza.

Data of Registered Visitors
Visitors who wish to receive the Slotplaza news letter are requested to fill in their e-mail address. The information we collect with that, is used to:

1. Send the Slotplaza news letter;
2. And, if the user agreed, as a marketing instrument to offer products and services of our site and our advertisers.

Data of registered users will never be made available for sale activities to third parties.

Visitors Data
The IP-number and the domain name of each visitor on our web pages are automatically determined by our server. We only collect domain names of visitors to our website, bundle information regarding which pages were opened or visited by our visitors and information which is freely given by our visitors. We do not collect any e-mail addresses of non-registered users. Cookies can also be used for gathering information and to remember the login information.

The information collected thus, is used for the following purposes:

1. For the user to automatically log-in;
2. To link an affiliate to a user account;

With regard to the cookies: our affiliate program use cookies for possible repeated visit to register and to link this to a webmaster.